About Us

We are the best

Mr. Keshav Man Shrestha started a hair salon in Jyatha at around 2035 B.S (1978 A.D). It is one of the pioneer hair salons in Nepal which was founded when there were merely 10 hair salons in Kathmandu. After Mr. Keshav’s demise his son, Suman Man Shrestha, operated and managed the same salon. Later on he shifted the salon from Jyatha to current location Jamal under the name K & S Beauty Center, carrying the family legacy forward.

Here at K & S, we just don’t do business but we create relationships. Relationships that are authentic, identify shared goals and values, develop mutual respect and provide services that are fun to do together.

We are Ladies salon where we aspire to give better service that the client feels comfortable and benefits her.


Our Mission

K & S is dedicated to providing a pleasurable experience. We offer a variety of hair care and facial services at an affordable cost. Our primary mission is to provide the highest level of customer service to each client, thereby establishing a long lasting relationship of trust and commitment. Our expertise and professionalism allows us to provide clients with the utmost beauty experience!